We simply could not have generated as much savings and improvement to our business without the assistance of MTPL.
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  Enterprise Services

Mtpl is catering to various corporate in Mumbai on regular enhancement of their office systems which enables them to stay ahead of their telecom requirements. We provide consulting services of PRI Lines, Internet private Leased Circuit and Centrex.

E1 DID is a Digital Trunk solution giving you 30 digital channels over a 4-wire system. Each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing or two-way, allowing highly effective management of voice traffic

Similar Board Number (SBN) numbering advantage
Identical number offered to Enterprises in all 7 digit and 8 digit SDCAs across the country E.g. A customer choosing a Similar Board Number 11223344 shall be allotted
011-11223344 in Delhi
022-11223344 in Mumbai
0265-11223344 in Vadodara, and so on.

Note: A caller in Pune, trying to reach the customer's office in Delhi, will have to make an STD call to the Delhi board number (011-11223344). Similarly to reach the Mumbai office, the caller from Pune will have to dial the Mumbai Board Number 022-11223344 or 9522-11223344

"Advice of Charge (AoC)" is an optional feature offered over E1 DID.

By virtue of this feature, whenever a voice call is made using E1 trunk, customer can now rate the calls on a near real-time basis. This is done using Call billing software on the customer's EPABX.
IPLC ( International Private Leased Circuit )
International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) provides dedicated-bandwidth connectivity between offices and other premises in international locations. IPLC remains the primary global connectivity service amongst the world’s business community; It is reliable, fully private, well understood and highly versatile, supporting all communications applications and connectivity requirements, It provides two way simultaneous transmissions of superior, secure, quality digital signals at transport levels ranging from 64 Kbps to 10 Gbps.

Fully Owned Infrastructure
Only telecom carrier having wholly owned global subsea cable network with presence in over 27 countries and 24-hour proactive network monitoring and support

One of the most reliable submarine networks supported by Reliance's extensive domestic network

One Stop Shop (OSS)

End-to-end service. Single-end-provisioning, single-end-billing and single-end-fault-reporting

Affordable World-class Services

Partnerships with many international carriers enables cost effective global reach

Service Quality with SLAs

Service Quality backed by Service level commitments. Integrated network for end-to-end service reduces the point of failures and provides high quality service. Cutting edge technology translates into exceptional network reliability and service availability.


Highly scalable solutions enable customer to quickly react to his business needs

More Security

Complete redundancy through diverse paths via Trans Atlantic and Trans Pacific routes including cable landing station
redundancy in Mumbai

Choice of Currency

Complete flexibility in choice of currency for payments
Centrex is Carrier Grade Outsourced Business Telephony with Digital PBX functionality
- without having to invest in and maintain any equipment.
Direct Line for Every User: Every user can be reached directly from outside on his personal phone number. + Free* Intercom Facility
Simply Dial the Intercom number to reach another colleague
To call an outside party - Dial “0” first & then dial the external number
Common Board Number for all offices
Attendants can be distributed in any of the locations
Displays the name of the caller (Intercom & PSTN)
Also displays the name/CLI of a Waiting Caller for both PSTN and Internal Calls Or their numbers if names are not entered in the phone book
Phone book - Store up to 100 Phone numbers along with names
Dial by Name
Missed Call Information
Press Up / Down key to know who called you
Just lift the handset to dial the missed number
Forward your calls to voice mail if you are busy / away / unable to attend.
A Call to your phone for every message you receive
Listen to your messages from anywhere in the country
One touch access to Voice Mail from your Phone
Allows secretary to screen calls for Managers before transferring
Absentee Subscriber Service : Callers hear an announcement on calling the extension
Pick-up your call from any other extension in your group
Pick-up unattended calls in your group
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